Making sure students get a healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch every day is very important. Not only do students perform better in school, they also have fewer behavior issues and are able to remain focused and attentive on their work when they have eaten a well-balanced meal. In addition, all CCS students are eligible to take advantage of the FREE breakfast program.

You may be eligible for a free school lunch
In an effort to make sure every school child has the proper nutrition to fuel their body and mind, the Federal government established the Free or Reduced-price School Meal program. Many Columbus City Schools students are eligible but don't take advantage of this service. Apply for the Free or Reduced-price School Meal program today! Click on the link below for the online application. It is quick, easy, and FREE.
Free or Reduced-price School Meal Application

Breakfast and Lunch Menu
Elementary Schools Breakfast and Lunch Menus - July 2013
Elementary Breakfast and Lunch Menus - August 2013

Middle and High School Breakfast Menu - July and August 2013

Middle and High School Lunch Menu - July and August 2013

Lunch Prices *
Elementary Schools - $2.25
Middle Schools - $2.50
High Schools - $2.75
Milk - $0.50

Food Allergies and You
* If you would like additional information on the Federal Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program, please contact your child’s school, or call 365-5671 for eligibility requirements. Reduced-price lunch meal: $0.40.

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