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Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership, and service and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.

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The Columbus City School District does not discriminate based upon sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ancestry, familial status or military status with regard to admission, access, treatment or employment. This policy is applicable in all district programs and activities.
Students: 50,809*
Expenditures per student: $13,674 gender
Male: 51.0%Female: 49.0% ethnicity
African-American: 58.07%
Caucasian: 25.58%
Hispanic: 6.74%
Multi-racial: 5.29%
Asian: 2.09%
American Indian/Native Alaskan: 0.2%
...about our students
Languages spoken at home: 89
Speak English as a second language: 11.5%
Have Limited English Proficiency: 9.5%
Receive district ESL services: 6.4%
Students transported by CCS daily: 32, 140
Identified as Gifted & Talented: 17.7%
Receive Special Education services: 16.06%
Receive a free or reduced-price meal: 68.93%
Student Mobility Rate: 19.7%
Average Daily Attendance: 94.5%

* October 2011 EMIS data
Schools: 116 grade level
Elementary (K-5): 63
STEM* Elementary Academies (PreK-6): 4
K-6: 6

K-8 Schools: 4
K-12 Schools (Africentric Early College): 1
Middle Schools (grades 6-8): 18
STEM Academy 7-12 (Linden-McKinley): 1
High School/Middle School 7-12 (South): 1
ESL Welcome Center (grades 6-12): 1
High Schools (grades 9-12): 16
Career Centers: 2
Special Services Schools: 3

* Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Staff: 6,571 (FTE)# gender
Male: 28.5%Female: 71.5% ethnicity
Caucasian: 62.6%
African-American: 35.3%
Hispanic: 1.2%
Asian: 0.7%
American Indian/Native Alaskan: 0.2%

# June 2012

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