Columbus City Schools Bullying Prevention

Learn and Live in Peace

Learn and Live In Peace is the slogan for the Columbus City Schools bully prevention efforts. The student members of the Violence/Bully Prevention Task Force created the slogan during one of their after school sessions. A contest was then held for students to design a logo.

Out of hundreds of entries, the Violence/Bully Prevention Task Force chose the logo above designed by Saraysia Nelson, a 7th grader from Aims Middle School

Congratulations to Saraysia and thank you to all who entered.

Columbus City Schools Policy prohibits the harassment, intimidation or bullying of any student. This Website is dedicated to providing you with information on ways to prevent bullying and what to do if you are bullied or see it happen to someone else.

Bully Prevention Posters

Use the link above to access printable versions of these posters.

Columbus City Schools Office of Student Support Services is working toward reducing and eliminating bullying in our schools. Review this presentation to what we are doing to prevent bullying.
Student Support Services Presentation

Are you, or someone you know, being bullied? STOP, WALK, TALK. Follow the link to learn about the three step approach to handle any situation when you feel someone is not being respectful. It's part of the Bully Prevention Manual.

Bullying today does not just happen in face-to-face. With current technology bullying can happen electronically, too. that's called "Cyber Bullying." Click on the link below to see a presentation on Cyber Bullying: what it is, what's the law say about it; what role do parents and schools play; and how to prevent it.
Cyber Bullying Presentation

Follow this link for other useful Web resources on Bully prevention
Bullying Prevention Resources

CCS Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy

Summary Report on Bullying in Columbus City Schools - September 2011

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