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Picture Day

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Save the date: 

Photographs for Purchase and Student IDs will be taken at West High School on September 2, 2014! Photographs will be taken by Inter-State Studios.


AEP Announces Credits Counts Dual Enrollment Program at West High School


Program to help Columbus City Schools students earn college credits while in high school

October 16, 2013 - The American Electric Power (AEP) foundation recently announced the Credits Count program to help middle and high school students find pathways to pursue college and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

The Foundation approved a $5-million grant to Columbus State Community College (CSCC) to with with five high schools and their feeder middle schools. The program aims to help students achieve their aspirations by preparing them to graduate high school ready for a career or with up to 12 college credits.

“Partnerships such as this provide our students with opportunities they might not otherwise realize existed. They begin to see the connection between college and careers at a much earlier age. This is an exciting opportunity for students from middle school through high school to not only explore careers, but also to make significant progress toward achieving their dreams,” said Columbus City Schools Superintendent Dan Good. “Our school administrators are very excited to begin the work necessary to ensure the success of this effort.”

The program is being introduced at West High School in Fall 2014 and will expand to four additional high schools over the next five years. Among the goals of the program are have nearly 800 middle school students participate in summer STEM college experience events and nearly 700 students to receive credit for college-level coursework while completing their high school diploma.

Major components of the program include:

  • Middle school STEM experiences to engage students as early as possible in college exploration and STEM-related careers;
  • College course readiness to identify gaps in writing, math, and reading that may need tutoring support;
  • A summer Bridge program to provide any needed English and math remediation prior to the students entering the dual enrollment program; and
  • Dual enrollment in high school and at CSCC, allowing students to graduate high school with at least 12 credits in energy, the environment and information technology.

Academic Brief

Parent Portal - View grades and attendance online!

Parents have access to grades and attendance through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Please contact an Administrator, Counselor or Social Worker (365-5956) for login information.

STEM @ West High

Students are immersed in highly engaging, trans-disciplinary problem-based learning in their course of study at West High School which, along with its feeder middle schools, Starling and Westmoor, has adopted a curriculum focused around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, better known as STEM. All teachers and grade-levels at West HS engage in STEM-related projects that promote critical thinking and problem solving.

STEM is a holistic, progressive and powerful approach to teaching and learning which requires teachers to work together, planning cross-curricular projects to educate students, and reflect collectively on the academic progress of each individual student. Standards-based content is taught in all core subject areas to support the rigorous educational objectives of the over-arching project, quarterly.

Rigorous academics prepare students for the challenges of employment and post-secondary education without remediation.  Subjects integrated with real-world applications, class projects, career exploration, job shadowing, internships, advanced placement (AP) courses, and college courses are some of the components of the rigorous curriculum. West High School combines tradition and innovation in order to prepare students for the many challenges they will face in the 21st century.


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Students return August 20 for the 2014-2015 School year.

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