"Today at Sherwood Middle School we will be a catalyst for positive change within ourselves, students and global community.


Inside of me lies the unlimited potential to soar and persevere like an eagle.  I will be fearless, determined, honorable and respectful.


If our minds conceive it, and our hearts believe it, we WILL achieve it!"


Congratulations Lady Eagles on reaching the playoffs and representing Sherwood so well!!!

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Current Events

Opening of Schools Flyer
Have questions about the 2013-2014 school-year? We have answers. The 2013-2014 Opening of Schools Flyer was mailed to all CCS student homes the last week of June. To get your own copy, click on the link below and download a printable version today.
2013-2014 Opening of Schools Flyer

Free or Reduced-price School Meals
Many CCS students qualify for free or reduced-price meals. It’s easy to complete the online application to determine whether your child would qualify.
Free or Reduced-price School Meal Application

A Gate Way to Technology™ Pre-engineering School
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education: New skills for a new world.

Columbus City School Sports Offerings
High School Sports

Requesting a New Sport
Don't see the sport you want play on the list above? If you wish to request the addition of a new sport, or new level of an existing sport at your high school, you can request to make that change. Click on the link below to see details on how you can make that request.
How to Request a New Sport

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Principal: Brian S Morton
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School Email: sherwoodms@columbus.k12.oh.us